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UC Merced undergraduate smiling at photographer on campus

Continuing UC Merced Student

  • No application is needed for a continuing UC Merced student. Enroll in classes as you would during the fall or spring semesters.

The Visiting Student Application for all Student Types below will open on February 12, 2024

Newly Admitted for Fall

  • You are considered an incoming student if you are newly admitted to UC Merced or another UC campus for this fall.

Non-UC Student

If you are 18 years or older, you are considered a non-UC student if you:

  • Previously graduated from UC Merced;
  • Filed to graduate from UC Merced in spring of this year;
  • Were never admitted to UC Merced or another UC campus;
  • Are a member of the general public;
  • Previously attended only Summer Session at UC Merced; or
  • Are visiting from a non-UC college or institution

Non-Continuing UC Merced Student or Other UC Student

You are considered a non-continuing UC Merced student or other UC student if these apply to you:

  • You are a student currently enrolled at a University of California campus other than UC Merced; or
  • You are a student who has graduated, withdrawn or been dismissed from UC Merced

If you have withdrawn or been dismissed from UC Merced and wish to reinstate during summer, please complete an application for reinstatement. The completed form must be turned in by Feb. 1, however, it is advised that students begin the process of reinstatement at least six weeks before the deadline. More information on reinstatement can be found here.

High School Student

High school students who have completed their sophomore year are eligible to attend UC Merced Summer Session.

High School Discount Program

This program allows high school students (who will be high school juniors or seniors in fall) to take courses at UC Merced this summer for a discounted price. Students may choose classes with available seats on or after May 15.

UC Employee

A reduction of certain fees in Summer Session is available to UC career employees who have completed their probationary periods. Each employee must complete and submit an Employee Reduced Fee Enrollment Application including the necessary approvals, in order for the discount to be applied. Fees discounted include: Summer Session application, health services, Student Life, Associated Students, Recreation and Transportation. Summer Session unit fees are not discounted. Employee-students will not be eligible for some services, such as those provided by Student Health Services, the recreation and wellness center and the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.

Contact the Office of Human Resources for more information.

*If you are a student on academic dismissal status, your summer courses at UC Merced are not guaranteed to count in your reinstatement review. Check with your academic advisor for further details.