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Annual Expenses

UC Merced graduates celebrating commencement.

Graduate early or on-time by attending Summer Session!

Summer Session fees for undergraduates are $419 per unit - that's the Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 rate!

Do the Math: Taking Summer Session Classes Can Save You Money!

The average cost to attend fall and spring semesters is approximately $35,000* per year — more if you live on campus and less if you live at home.  

Taking two classes in Summer Session costs approximately $3,700** in fees.

What does that mean to students? 

Taking two courses in Summer Session for two years costs about $7,400. Taking an extra year (fifth year) to graduate costs about $35,000.

Which would you rather pay: $7,400 plus living expenses for two summers or $35,000 for a fifth year?

The out-of-pocket cost of attendance varies from student to student. Please utilize the Financial Aid Calculator to help identify your individual out-of-pocket costs.

On-campus housing is a bargain in the summer — check it out