UC Merced Summer Session Forms

Summer Session: Non-UC/Non-Continuing UC Merced/High School Student Application
This application needs to be completed by high school students, non-UC students, non-continuing UC students and international students.

Summer Session: Other UC Student Application
If you are a student at another University of California campus, please complete this application.

Summer Session Add Form
Complete this form to make changes to your class schedule.

Summer Session Course Withdrawal Form
Use this form to drop/withdrawal from one or all of your Summer Session courses.

Summer Session ONLY Independent Study Form
Complete this form in order to enroll in Directed Group Study, Directed Independent Study, or Research.

Name Change Form
Submit this form and supporting documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

Assign an Incomplete Grade Form
Faculty must complete this form when assigning an incomplete grade and obtain a student signature. Return to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the final examination period.

Permission to Release Education Record
Complete this form to release aspects of your educational record to a 3rd party.

International Student Supplemental Form
Along with the Summer Session application, international students must also complete this form.